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Furniture Shipping

Easy, fast, budget-friendly

When your furniture or large appliance retailer does not cover shipping of purchased items to your address, Hauler is the solution!

Fast delivery to your destination

Ask for this service when moving from a 2 bedroom property or when you need to ship a few items.

  • Sorting, removal, inventory-tagging
  • Free full-service packing
  • Loading in transport vehicles
  • Delivery by GPS-enabled vehicles
  • Unloading at destination
  • Un-wrapping and positioning
  • Insurance up to 20.000 €.
  • Interior design planning
  • Alterations to existing finishes/decor elements
  • Alterations to existing plumbing & electrical fittings

We use professional tool and materials and ship in padded vehicles that guarantee the safety of your items.

  • Our 5-layer cardboard boxes hold up to 30 kg.
  • Plastic boxes and wrapping paper for crockery and fragile items
  • Clothes hangers and mobile closets that keep your suits and shirts clean and wrinkle-free
  • 3-layer bubble wrap for fragile products. After wrapping, even fragile objects can be transported safely.
  • Tear resistant clear LLDPE plastic stretch film
  • Heavy duty tape
  • Textile covers and wraps for delicate items
Due to the unprecedented context provided by the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, Hauler moving company decided to make procedural and other changes, in order to ensure our employees and our customers’ safety.

Hauler teams have received specific training to prioritize safety while executing a relocation inside or in the proximity of your home. These rules include using protective masks where needed, washing hands properly and often, using disinfectant, daily cleaning of uniforms and vehicles.

For more information about what Hauler is doing to ensure your safety, please refer to our Covid-19 guide

Complete professional moving services

Which furniture shipping service suits you?

Enjoy peace of mind with Hauler, wherever you need your domestic or office furniture shipped. Our solutions can be customized to suit your needs, calendar and budget. Our highly skilled move teams have the expertise to move unique and uncommon items. We’ll move everything, from safes to car collections, from fridges to antique furniture or items that are especially fragile or valuable.


Office furniture shipping

Fast and cost-effective delivery for corporate furniture, documents or company goods.


Home furniture shipping

Hauler delivers your new furniture and accessories to your door.

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  • Our full-service packing includes for free: bubble wrap, stretch film, textile covers, tape, boxes and so on.
  • We have highly skilled teams ready to ship your items safely. Our company vehicles are specially padded for furniture shipping. Contracts include comprehensive insurance.
  • Enjoy unbeatable prices and fast delivery – even in under 24 hours!

Free survey and free quote

Schedule a free survey on WhatsApp / Zoom.


(dis) assembly

We have all necessary tools from trolleys to elevators


Quality packing included

From padded boxes to textile covers and triple-layered bubble wrap.


Everything is kept clean and intact

We make sure to leave no trace behind and recycle our waste.


Residential Moving

Your house is full of memories and reflects you in every detail. We make your new house feel like home.