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Office Moving

Business relocation
for companies and organizations

  • Anytime, anywhere

  • Includes packaging & assembly

  • Best prices in East Europe

Whether you are a start-up that changes address, or a multi-national company opening new subsidiaries throughout Romania, Hauler office movers have the expertise and resources to plan and implement an efficient relocation, while ensuring the continuity of your business.


Complete professional moving services

Office Movers

Full-service relocations: planning + moving + insurance

Expanding business operations or moving office to a new place? We serve all businesses, from sole proprietorships to multi-national corporations. We move your office whenever is suitable for you – after hours, on weekends or overnight – allowing you to minimize downtime and stay connected to your business. We offer professional moves for institutions and NGOs, at unbeatable prices.

  • Sorting, removal, inventory-tagging
  • Free full-service packing
  • Loading in transport vehicles
  • Delivery by GPS-enabled vehicles
  • Unloading at destination
  • Un-wrapping and positioning
  • Rental fee for a portable data center (recommended for reduced downtime during relocation of your IT equipment)
  • Interior design planning
  • Alterations to existing finishes/decor elements
  • Alterations to existing plumbing & electrical fittings
  • IT set-up and testing

In addition to employing the best equipment and tools during the relocation process, we include a comprehensive insurance of up to 60,000 €. Rest assured that everything goes right and that your belongings are perfectly safe with us.

Due to the unprecedented context provided by the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, Hauler moving company decided to make procedural and other changes, in order to ensure our employees and our customers’ safety.

Hauler teams have received specific training to prioritize safety while executing a relocation inside or in the proximity of your home. These rules include using protective masks where needed, washing hands properly and often, using disinfectant, daily cleaning of uniforms and vehicles.

For more information about what Hauler is doing to ensure your safety, please refer to our Covid-19 guide


Office & business moves


We have the right solution for any office relocation scenario.

Moving your business to a new location can be a stressful event. Trying to move your office without any external help means spending time away from your primary activity to pack equipment, furniture and computers, and then to put everything back together in the new space.

IT equipment moves


Moving IT infrastructure, from 3 PCs to data centers

Hauler office movers ensures the perfect transfer of expensive and sensitive equipment such as safes, servers and other IT equipment. All these equipments require special preparation and careful handling during relocation.

Storage for business


Store safely office furniture, documents, merchandise

Our team packs and unpacks the goods with the utmost care. All electronics, such as monitors, servers and modem racks, are packed in specially designed boxes and transported in padded vehicles.

Hauler makes it easy

We specialize in B2B partnerships delivering efficient relocations for office furniture, corporate papers and sensitive equipment, with almost zero downtime for your operational flow.




Storage for business

Flexible, secure storage for
your commercial and distribution needs.
Hauler has business storage facilities across Romania!

Minimal downtime, maximum efficiency.

Sounds too easy? It is.


Survey and quote
over the phone

Schedule when you want (weekends/evenings).

We start with a comprehensive item inventory performed by a Hauler agent recording:

  • The state of items to be removed
  • Dimensions and weight of each item
  • Other details
Depending on the inventory, the desired timeline and other special requirements, we will prepare a personalized offer, sent by email. Find all your documents on the Hauler Pro app, under your client account: free surveys, quotes, proforma invoices, final invoices, your contract and other legal documents.

We plan the relocation in stages and assign the necessary resources. We guarantee that the relocation and the business processes go according to the plan and that neither locations are disturbed or damaged in any way.


(dis) assembly

We have the necessary tools and a team of pros.

After the proforma invoice is paid in full, we proceed with the actual office relocation.

Hauler provides its own team of professionals and state-of-the-art equipment for the proper dismantling of goods.


is included

From padded boxes to triple-layered bubble wrap.

To make sure that each object is arrives safely where it needs to be moved, we use smart labels and item-tagging.

In addition to quality packaging, we use outdoor elevators, professional trolleys and specially padded vehicles.

mutari-firme-Mutari echipamente IT server-lift

Full assembly
at destination

We unpack and position items according to the client’s instructions.

We transport the load to the final destination, unload, unpack and assemble everything and position according to the technical notes prepared by the Hauler office movers team.
Our office movers position the items according your guidelines. This action excludes alterations to existing finishes / decor elements / existing plumbing & electrical fittings and excludes wiring, plugging or other IT-related work.

Discretion, low noise and cleanliness are guaranteed throughout the move. We guarantee contract confidentiality.

Complex inventory?
No problem.

Whether you must move heavy equipment or a wide range of small objects, Hauler office movers can tackle the most complex scenarios.

All items are carefully protected with packaging materials and loaded into our vehicles, that are routinely clean and inspected for safety.
We make sure that the old location is left clean, and that all exposed areas such as doors, walls, stairs or elevators are protected. The same procedure is applied upon departure and at final destination.

Complete professional moving services

Descopera alte servicii utile pentru mutari firme

Orice schimbare de adresa e o provocare unica.

Our core mission is to safely move anything you want, wherever you want. Am creat un sistem inovativ de servicii de mutare complete, integrate, pentru a-ti oferi o experienta de relocare mai buna, la pret avantajos.



The storage units provided and managed by Hauler offer non-stop video monitoring, security on site and are equipped alarms and smoke detectors. Service also available as monthly subscription.



All Hauler vehicles are routinely cleaned and are adequately padded for the safety of the items being relocated. Service also available as monthly subscription.



We offer additional professional cleaning services for residences, offices and storage spaces. Service also available as monthly subscription.



Hauler partners offer a wide range of comprehensive insurance for individuals and companies. Service also available as monthly subscription.