Professional movers in Romania

We are elevating the relocation experience for individuals, families and companies.

Professional movers in Romania

We are elevating the relocation experience for individuals, families and companies.

Hauler Professional Movers is building the first modern integrated relocation platform. Our core mission is to safely move anything you want, wherever you want.

For 8 years, we have been earning and keeping our clients’ trust with an unwavering commitment to great service and integrity.


Hauler is the future in relocation

We stay ahead of the curve with the solutions-driven mindset of a startup, and the sophistication of an experienced team.

  • Our surveys are always FREE
  • Hauler Pro® monitoring app is free

  • We employ smart item-tagging

  • We collect and recycle unwanted packaging


Our people make the difference

We are a team of professional movers with unrivaled market knowledge and IT & logistics fluency.

  • We can move anything, anywhere, anytime
  • Our contracts are flexible
  • Your items are comprehensively insured
  • Our prices are unbeatable

Flexible solutions

What relocation services
suit you?


Swift relocations with no stress and minimal downtown.


Making your new house feel like home.


Dismantling and assembling of furniture


Easier than booking a flight.


It’s easy to do anything with the right tools.

Professional movers for you

You must move today? You need to move a piano? We can help you.

Hauler makes it easy!

Hauler is the first and only Romanian professional movers company offering end-to-end solutions for the relocation needs of individuals and companies of all sizes, from micro to multi-national.

We offer three key moving services – Relocation, Transition/Storage and Removals – to help our clients meet their goals, save resources and enjoy return on investment. We offer highly qualified staff, state-of-the-art equipment and personalized services. Our guarantee is that all our clients can continue their activity as usual, no matter how complex their relocation project is.


Everything is included, from the start.

  • Cost evaluation

  • Dismantling and assembly of furniture

  • Professional packing

  • Packing / unpacking

  • Loading / unload of boxes

  • Transport and insurance

Follow your relocation process
in real time, online

using Hauler Pro® app, designed for the most demanding customers.


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Instantly feel “at home” in the new house

Cost assessments, professional packaging, assembly work and transportation are all included. We take care of everything and make it easy for you.

Save time
for you

We absorb the stress inherent to any move, so that you can keep working or doing what you love. Hauler Professional Movers takes care of everything, from the detailed wrapping of the smallest items, to the actual relocation and the management of any necessary documents.


Guaranteed confidentiality and security

We take the security of your data and assets very seriously. We act discreetly and make sure that every employee who enters your home is subject to a full audit of their criminal record.

relocation to Romania-servicii-de-mutare-testimonial-hauler

“Our move from Cluj to Amsterdam happened quickly. The Hauler team is experienced and knows what to do. I appreciated that they were flexible and solved all problems that occurred along the way. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other expats. ”

The Grigorescu family, Amsterdam


We recycleWe reuseWe replant

Plastic waste is one of the biggest sustainability issues we face today. As professional movers, we have a duty toinnovate in order to prevent plastic from becoming waste or pollution.


Our vision is that none of Hauler’s packaging will end up in landfills or oceans. In order to fulfill it, since January 2019 we have been implementing a series of actions:

We are committed to transition to 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025.

We have reduced the usage of plastic packaging in favor of recycled textiles or cellulose-based wrappings.

We encourage our customers to reuse our plastic packaging. We offer tree collection of everything that cannot be kept or recycled by customers.

We have removed all problematic items from our office and warehouses, such as disposable, single-use plastics and food packaging.