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Frequently asked questions

What security systems exist in the storage spaces?Ana Hogas2020-10-02T18:22:23+03:00

The security and safety of your property are our priorities. Our warehouses are equipped with 24/7 CCTV (surveillance cameras), anti-burglary alarms and smoke detection system and are patrolled by on-site security staff.

What are your storage spaces like?Ana Hogas2020-10-02T18:18:29+03:00

Our furniture warehouses are equipped with modern heating, ventilation and lighting systems, ensuring that the furniture / items stored inside are kept under optimal conditions.

Why are there no prices on the website?Ana Hogas2020-10-02T18:15:46+03:00

It is not as simple to estimate the price for the service or services you might need. We suggest that you give us a phone call, send a WhatsApp message or an email, WITHOUT ANY COMMITMENTS, in order help us determine the correct price for the service you need.

How much does it cost to move my home or office with Hauler?Ana Hogas2020-10-02T18:12:19+03:00

The price you pay depends on the complexity of the service requested. We strive to give you the smallest price possible. We help you configure the quote request to make the most of your relocation budget.

Can I buy boxes and packaging materials from Hauler?Ana Hogas2020-10-02T18:07:42+03:00

For customers, Hauler provides everything you need for professional packaging, so you don’t have to worry about your valuables.

We will soon offer a wide range of packaging materials, from boxes to bubble wrap, in our online store.

What protective packaging do you use?Ana Hogas2020-10-02T18:05:14+03:00

We use professional materials and packaging methods, ensuring the protection of goods throughout the trip.

Our 5-layer cardboard boxes hold up to 30 kg.

Plastic boxes and wrapping paper for crockery and fragile items

Clothes hangers and mobile closets that keep your suits and shirts clean and wrinkle-free

3-layer bubble wrap for fragile products. After wrapping, even fragile objects can be transported safely.

Tear resistant clear LLDPE plastic stretch film

Heavy duty tape

Textile covers and wraps for delicate items

What are the working hours?Ana Hogas2020-10-02T18:02:51+03:00

MO – FRI 9 – 19
THU 9 – 21
SAT 10 – 16
SUN – closed (by appointment only)

Tel emergencies: 0728 117 188

Do you do the price evaluation in person?Ana Hogas2020-10-02T18:00:23+03:00

Yes, if we agree with you that it is possible and reasonable, considering the current social distancing measures. It is the best way to accurately assess the space and take inventory of goods.

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Will I receive a detailed list of my goods before they are loaded into the truck?Ana Hogas2020-10-02T17:57:46+03:00

Yes. If we execute a long distance move or move your goods to a storage space managed by Hauler, we offer you a complete list, which notes the condition of each item.

How will my furniture and home be protected during the move?Ana Hogas2020-10-02T17:52:30+03:00

Hauler’s crews pack the furniture with durable breathable materials. We also take care to protect critical areas of the house, such as carpets, floors, doors, woodwork and railings.

Do I get a price reduction if I pack my own goods?Ana Hogas2020-10-02T17:46:29+03:00

Usually, the packaging is FREE and determines the validity of the INSURANCE policy that included in the price. Contact us directly to negotiate a discount if you want to personally handle the packaging of goods in protective materials. We will advise on correct packaging and labeling of each item and we will determine if it is reasonable for you to do so or if you would better let our team of professionals take care of everything.

Read more about how goods should be packaged and labeled.

What is included in the price?Ana Hogas2020-10-02T17:40:05+03:00
  • Sorting, disassembling, labeling
  • Packing goods in free protective materials
  • Loading goods in transport vehicles
  • Delivery by GPS-enabled vehicles
  • Unloading at destination
  • Unpacking, reassembly and positioning of goods
  • Insurance up to € 60,000
What is not included in the price?Ana Hogas2020-10-02T17:37:51+03:00
  • Planning the furnishing of the new residence / office space
  • Alterations to existing finishes/decor elements
  • Alterations to existing plumbing & electrical fittings
Is it safe to move during COVID-19 pandemic?Ana Hogas2020-10-02T17:36:07+03:00

Due to the unprecedented context provided by the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, Hauler moving company decided to make procedural and other changes, in order to ensure our employees and our customers’ safety.

Hauler teams have received specific training to prioritize safety while executing a relocation inside or in the proximity of your home. These rules include using protective masks where needed, washing hands properly and often, using disinfectant, daily cleaning of uniforms and vehicles.

For more information about what Hauler is doing to ensure your safety, please refer to our Covid-19 guide